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Re-Creation Story

A multi-media performance, including monologue, memory play, actors, projections, video, visual art and photography.  This fragmentary autobiographical piece explores the central relationship contemporary Haudenosaunee communities have with their cosmology.  The individual responsibility for the story and the cultural riches it gives in return are counterbalanced with one another.  


Re-Creation Story received an augmented staged reading at The Public Theater in New York City, during its Second Native Theater Festival in November 2008.  The production was directed by Leigh Silverman with dramaturgy by Liz Frankel, and featured Billy Merasty, Monique Mojica, Michelle St. John, Dylan Carusona, Joe Cross, Kim Rosen, and Avia Bushyhead.



Re-Creation Story:

Festival Overview




Interview with Eric Gansworth conducted by Tom Pearson


Re-Creation Story is available for reading, but not licensing for production at Alexendar Street Press (fee-based) online database of North American Indian Drama

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