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If I Ever Get Out of Here Discography/Playlist


Each Part title is a riff on a song, as noted, and each of the chapters is named, in alternating order, for a Beatles song and a Paul McCartney post-Beatles song. Below each, I have listed the album most commonly associated with the song’s release, contemporarily. Some were singles which were never released onto an album, which was the culture at the time, so a few of these albums are compilations. I have also identified other songs that are referenced in each chapter, with occasional repetitions and notes concerning live versions as opposed to studio versions, as identified in the narrative.


The radio program mentioned in Chapter 2, “Paul McCartney is Alive and Well . . . Maybe,” was broadcast several times on WKBW (1520) in Buffalo, New York. It is available for streaming here.


As always with weblinks, many of these may have disappeared by the time you get here, but if you’re resourceful enough, almost everything here is probably posted somewhere and certainly is available for purchase in multiple formats at appropriate venues.


Complete Discography

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